IACAFM Service Strategy

Our service strategy encompasses a framework to build best practices in developing a long term service strategy. The strategy used by IACAFM® covers many topics including: general strategy, infrastructure, systems, internet systems, service provider analysis, maintenance of our databases, security dealing with information of third parties, backups, service management as a strategic asset, organization design and development, key process activities, financial management, service portfolio management, demand management, and key roles and responsibilities of staff engaging in service strategy.

The IACAFM Service Design

The design of IT structure of IACAFM and internet environment is conforming to best practice, and includes design of architecture, processes, policies, documentation, and allows for our business requirements. This also encompasses topics such as capacity management, IT service continuity, Information Security, supplier management, and key roles and responsibilities for staff engaging in service design.

The IACAFM Service Transition

Our service transition relates to the delivery of services required by the business into live/operational use, and often encompasses the "project" side of IT rather than "BAU" (Business As Usual). This area also covers topics such as managing changes to the "BAU" environment. Topics include Service Asset and Configuration Management, Transition Planning and Support, Release and deployment management, Change Management, Knowledge Management, as well as the key roles of staff engaging in Service Transition.

The IACAFM Service Operation

IACAFM applies best practice for achieving the delivery of agreed levels of services both to end-users and the customers. We understand that Service Operations is the part of the lifecycle where the services and value is actually directly delivered. Also the monitoring of problems and balance between service reliability and costs are considered.

The technology used in the IACAFM Courses

After many years of extensive research, IACAFM managed to find the best technology to develop its IAFC and IBEC online certificates. This encompasses the use of high programming skills and a unique system to deal with different products and seven different languages and different types of certificates for each language.

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